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    Shop our assortment of cloches to decorate your kitchen counters or dining room table. Pick from different sizes and materials including small, large, clear glass, metal screen, chicken wire, and more. Use these food protector cloches in the kitchen to keep cakes, cupcakes, fruits, and biscuits fresh or use them at the dinner table as a centerpiece with a plant or candle placed underneath them for added decoration.

    7.5" Barn Roof Chicken Wire Cloche with Jute Roll
    Reg Price: $24.95
    Sale Price: $19.95
    10" Barn Roof Chicken Wire Cloche
    Reg Price: $44.95
    Sale Price: $34.15
    Glass Dessert Cloche with Metal Base
    Reg Price: $49.95
    Sale Price: $37.95